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Our instructors are well-educated from various institutions from different parts of the world. They are experienced, patient and caring. They can speak English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Philippino or Russian. We emphasize quality education as well as a number of performance opportunities such as recitals and examinations.

Faculty Members

Piano - Alan Chan
Piano - Alexander Vereshagin
Violin - Anna Kaminska
Piano - Chad Thomas
Guitar - Cyrus Paul Ghazizadeh
Cello/Piano - Diana Lee
Violin - Edward Wilcox
Saxophone - Diana Lee
Piano - Joaquin Gallegos
Piano - Leif Taylor
Piano/Voice - Maricel Tactay
Guitar - Pepe Gimena
Guitar - Richard Houghten
Violin - Sin-Tung Chiu
Cello - Ting Chin
Violin - Wai Chi Yip
Piano/Voice - Winka Liang


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